Part of this episode comes from the title of Scott McCloud's I Can't Stop Thinking! comic strip. While it's true (or at least arguable) that Mr. McCloud has indeed had some good thoughts about comics, it's something of a self-involved claim everyone is thinking ...which is, largely, the trouble with the world. Okay, look. Let's imagine that everyone is thinking about world peace, okay? Well, with six billion people thinking about world peace, it seems likely that one of us would figure it out, right? Okay, so out of that six million people, how many do you think will get it wrong? And how many of those people who have terribly misguided ideas on how to achieve world peace will act on their disastrous plans? If those infinite monkeys sitting in front of typewriters for an infinite time would eventually produce the script to Hamlet, then a few of them would probably get close but, for instance, put in a happy ending or take out all the interesting soliloquies.

The other part of this episode comes from the fact that I think I'm probably one of those other monkeys.


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